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Quantum Of Light

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Guide the Photon flows towards the target Crystal in this tranquil educational puzzle. Click/Tap to rotate the in-game tiles and change the angle of rebounding in order to navigate the photon flow properly. With each success you will be rewarded with a piece of knowledge about Electromagnetic Spectrum and the “invisible” for the human eye energies. Complete all 24 levels and open all pages from the Encyclopedia of Light!


Mouse Left Click – rotate tiles clockwise

Mouse Right Click – rotates counter clockwise


P – pause game

R – restart game

M – mute audio

Temporary debug commands:

A – open all levels (only works on level select screen)

N – complete the current level

S – show fps meter to check if you have performance issues

to do: music and sound retouch; spell-check; walkthrough recording;

mobile: I have successfully converted the game into apk – it’s only tested on an emulator with unknown fps performance. if you’re interested in a mobile version it can be negotiated.